Excellent terminiology for female sex organs. Superlative phrase for common usage of he word vagina.
Stop staring at my vajaja, i know i am hot, but you must control yourself.
by cate rose September 26, 2006
Woman's Vagina. Often used by gay men
I'm gay, I don't do the vajaja
by Marcus_Mystery February 18, 2011
Another word for the Vagina developed in a TRU Breakroom.
I want to see her vajaja
by CHK TOM November 04, 2007
A shortening of the word vagina.

To be used when insulting friends, but mainly during banter.
friend X "you big va-jaja! pull yourself together hahahaa"
friend Y "NO your the va-jaja!"
by bubble:) December 15, 2010
I womans vagina,pussy. Nickname for vagina,pussy. Her Vajaja was very hairy. I love Vajaja's.My girlfriend has hte best Vajaja
Her Vajaja was the best I'v seen in a while.
by tytyty September 22, 2007

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