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The most horrible experience ever. Waking up after being extremely inebriated next to a hideous person, who in your intoxicated state, you thought was attractive.
Shit, I got blacked out drunk last night and woke up nest to hollis!
by ahhhhhhhhhhh March 26, 2005
according to the movie, it is waking up under someone so ugly after a night of drinking that you would chew your arm off to get out from under him or her then wake them.
After a few drinks, the coyote ugly became a babe.
by Angiealways April 18, 2006
It was actually a kick-ass bar before it was a horribly lacking motion picture. The one in Tampa is the tits.
$2 PBRs, hot girls dancing on the bar, and they're open till 3 a.m.? Coyote Ugly gets my vote for most underrated spot in Ybor City.
by dieselaj February 04, 2005
Some one who is as ugly as a Coyote. Mostly used as an offensive name-calling.
Omg, Hannah is is as ugly as a coyote, that means she is coyoteugly!
by omgwoo June 04, 2006
A terrible movie made by the guy who does CSI.
Oh wow, a film about cock teases.
by Gumba Gumba March 13, 2004