A small town in Massachusetts called Westport. No one from Westport actually calls this place cowtown because it's embarising. The name was made up because Westport has many farms and cows.

"Cowtown, where the cows graze and the homies blaze."
by TheTruth34 April 24, 2009
A town full of sluts that hit on every guy that moves and give handjobs and blowjobs in a moments notice.
Have you been to cowtown lately?
No I don't hangout with those freaks.
by Mike Dikelburger October 16, 2010
The town of Windsor, NY, near Binghamton, NY. Basically a big town of full of farms and cows. All the the cool kids are calling it Cow Town these days.
Where do you live?
In Cow Town.
Oh so you go to Windsor High School.
by Valley Cheer x3 October 19, 2009
An unsophisticated town within a cattle raising area.
Columbus, Ohio is often described as a cow town by Cincinnatians as it lacks the vibe found in sophisticated urban areas.
by joeynick August 16, 2011
Collinsville, oklahoma, usa
ya i reckon ima head on back to cowtown yall.
by ralph November 18, 2004
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