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As a co-worker, but of such a mentality and personality as to be almost entirely indistinguishable from a smartly-dressed cow. The differences between a cow-worker and a cow should, however, be obvious on closer examination. One is a large, mindless animal that grazes off scraps of food matter, travels in herds, and is primarily of value only because it can be eventually disposed of for the betterment of a large group of people. The other gives us milk.
"Gary, do you have that report done I asked you for this morning?"
"Okay, one more day, but after that you're answering to the boss yourself."
"You'd better hurry. We're on a tight clock."
"Thanks.... God, I hate my cow-workers."
by Cronocke March 24, 2008
Slang term for an overwieght co-worker
Thanks for the diet tip Andee! I passed it on to some of my cow-workers and they lost weight too!
by tripletap3 January 31, 2007
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