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A very sweet, cute person with a great personality. Not afraid to stand up for herself and is very smart.
Andee is Sweet like a watermelon, cute like the cutest girl where she is. Smart like i feel dumb around her smart.
by Michal jackson January 15, 2009
a girl with amazing talents, one who is extremely random, and may need some help.
Wow who's that chick spazzing on the ground?

Oh, it's just Andee.
by sara(h) November 26, 2008
A very tough, red headed, indin who takes no shit from anybody. Loves heavy metal, and post hardcore bands with a bit of country in the mix. A very big lesbian who will either steal your girl or turn her gay.
Person 1: Yo have you seen my bae?
Person 2: Yeah bruh.. i need to break some news to you.,
Person 1: What bro?
Person 2: I saw her with Andee...she took your bae, she was to amazing
Person 1: ** falls on knees and sobs, shaking fist at the sky ** NOT AGAIN ANDEE ! EVERY TIME.

Person 2: Andee bruh...
by ParanoidHomo August 26, 2014
(boy): most likely to be a girly guy... gay with a boyish charm, generally cute and outgoing but sometimes shy.
Really caring good friend/lover.

(girl): most likely to be a whore ..... she plays games with people and she is likely to sleep with her best friends boyfriend.
Lies, gossip and drama follow her everywhere.
Andee is a: good friend/whore
by bonxoxo January 19, 2010
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