Change Our World
Are you going to go to that event in Garden Grove? That's totally going to C.O.W.!

Barack Obama promised to C.O.W.!
by Chad Valancia July 02, 2009
1. A word that can stand for "Crazy Old Woman."

2. A word to describe a person with a fat ass.

3. A large animal that can be made into beef.

As such, it's a double-whammy as an insult.
1. "My granda has kind of turned into a cow..."

2. Get out of my way, you stupid cow!

3. The cow said "moo."
by Tiger911 January 09, 2009
Playstation 2 fanboys are often reffered to as Cows in the Gamespot system wars forum
The Cows have been owned, DMC 2 flopped!!11!! its true 5 starz!!11!
by Tarik January 12, 2004
1. a slothful woman
2. a woman with large tits
3. the female of the household (includes the more-female-like of a lesbian couple)
1. she's a cow, she lies around on the couch all the time and eats, watching TV

2. she's a real cow, man, you shud see her udders and especially her big pointy teats

3.(he):Well, last drink, I gotta go home and service the cow. She's on the rag and really horny.
by Jake February 20, 2004
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