(N.) A domesticated bovine of either sex or any age.

I just had the most delicious steak in the world!
by take the money and run April 03, 2005
An animal that gives milk.

A female human.
1. The cows will all moo if they don't get special privileges.
by Bob Knows November 09, 2011
cracked out whore (sound) mooooooo
Kyle Anthony David from Lafayette, LA is a tired, trashy, tweaking, & tweezered COW!!! Moooo...
by atl2nola September 22, 2008
nature's mistake
Did you see that cow? I think that God must have taken a sick day.
by adema360 July 25, 2008
1. A female animal, usually cattle.
2. Anal sex, with plenty of "astro-lube"
"I am in the mood for some cow, right now, how now brown cow" - Butcher
"mmm bitch, its time for cow" - Male
by Evan Case February 24, 2008
Also known as 'beef people'.
Beef people (aka cows) are tasty.
by CanuckGod January 19, 2008
-A animal that has spots (not always black and white)

-Your local neighbor hood skank, trashy whore, slut, or maybe even fat person.

-Hey! Look at the awesome cow it has amazing spots!

-Dang, Tiffany is such a cow!
by Purp1e F1ame April 27, 2009

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