When a woman douches in-between hookups at a social gathering.
Person one: Dude I heard you got sloppy seconds.
Person two: Nah bro she did a courtesy flush before we did it.
by jay-z October 03, 2012
1. Flushing the toilette more than once and ASAP to reduce the unpleasant scent of your own turd(s).

2. Something you had better do when you are in jail or prison, so your cellmate(s) don't/doesn't give you a beatdown. LOL!

3. If it smells bad to you, how much worse will it smell to the other person if you don't have the common sense, or the decency to do a courtesy flush.
Redneck/Jail/Prison definitions:

EX: Dude! Could you at LEAST do a courtesy flush!?!?!?!?

EX 2: If you don't do a courtesy flush you'll be getting a blanket party tonight!

Ex 3: If you don't want a swirly. gimme a courtesy flush over there.
by IrishDaddy2U April 18, 2010
when your using the bathroom at a department store and theres double stalls your goin #2 and you decide your not gonna give up after one terd so you flush the toilet after every terd to keep the stench down
i was out at walmart takin a dump and i had to do a Courtesy Flush becuase i let off 3 danks
by stewie for govenror October 15, 2009
When you double flush a toilet just to be courteous. Not necessarily a double-flusher, just to be polite.
Mostly used in awkward situations.
Matt was meeting his girlfriend Sarah's parents for the first time. They were enjoying a lovely meal when Matt had to take a dump.
This being the first time he had dumped in Mr. And Mrs. Di Carlo he flushed twice even though one should have been enough.
Matt demonstrated the courtesy flush.
by Nick DC April 26, 2010
when you are taking a dump and it smells really bad you flush so it keeps the room from smelling like ass
John gave a courtesy flush halfway through his dump.
by laxbruh12 October 08, 2009
When someone has dropped a nasty shit in a public bathroom that subsequently begins to stink in the next stall. The dropper of the nasty shit must flush his/her toilette to rid the bathroom of the shit smell that is being realeased from the fresh shit pile.
Hey u next to me, you're shit smell is making me light headed, can you give a nigga a courtesy flush.
by CpnIt October 04, 2009
Let someone know if, awhile after a first date for example, you're not interested in pursuing the association further.
"I had hoped to get a courtesy flush if you decided you liked that tree-huggin mothball motherfucker better!"
by sweetDICKwillie March 02, 2014

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