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A flush done in the middle of doing your business to either A) reduce the smell or B) reduce the chances or clogging the toilet.
Bob: What took you so long?
Phil: My shit was so massive that I had to do a courtesy flush like every thirty seconds.
by B3K@H September 07, 2009
a new drug that doctors are giving to depressed lesbians
Lesbian: Doctor, I feel really sex deprived and depressed about it.
Doctor: I'm going to prescribe to you TRYDICAGAIN
by B3K@H April 01, 2009
Since Porksword Is Slang For Penis, Porksheild Is Slang For Condom.
Health Teacher: Practice Safe Sex, Use A Condom Or As You Kids Like To Call It, A Porksheild.
by B3K@H April 09, 2009
A)great; fine; excellent
B)characterized by great facility; highly skilled or clever
C)socially adept
A)That's a dope comic.
B)Dope moves on the parallel bars
C)It's not dope to arrive at the party early.
by B3K@H January 25, 2009
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