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Cool Soul

Somewhat of a jazzy itiration of soul but Coul works best when it gets stolen.

Initally birthed by Master LOLinstigator, when he expressed his feelings for times when monsters, or White Mages steal his Coul.

Gil Sellers also sell Couls. Square Enix have stated not a word to this illegality due to the writ of Microsoft Sam's tchdvdxtche.

(Microsoft Sam Copyright Microsoft 20XX)
Demon PWN starts casting COUL drain on Mrcoffee
Mrcoffee receives the status of soul-less
<Mrcoffee> omg Nub'ed

P1: Dude you Coul man you coul
P2: Jazz brethern!
by Aerwyn November 07, 2006
cum on you later!
O:dude i gotta run...COUL!

A:COUL? me?

O:yea why not?

A:you don't COUL your bud dude!

O:whatever...i didn't want to COUL you anyway...bitch
by Grossologist June 09, 2009

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