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Pronouced like "coffee cups." Describes the crippling combination of coughing and hiccuping that sometimes occurs after taking a huge rip of weed. Every time you cough, you hiccup. This can be quite unpleasant and even painful and will sometimes last for over 30 minutes. It can cause profuse sweating, dysphoria, and gagging/vomiting. A few people have even reported partial loss of bowel control resulting in inadvertent farting and/or sharting. Most hiccup cures (holding breath, drinking water, etc.) are futile as this sort of ailment is beyond any normal hiccuping/coughing fit.
"Goddamn I got the fucking coughiccups. I knew I shouldn't have ripped the 4-footer. This is ruining my night."
by ShaneWood January 08, 2012
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