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(v) to make a loud noise from the back of your throat; to release one's germs and/or diseases into the air; to make a loud noise from the back of your throat while releasing germs
The man behind us in the movie theater was coughing up something heavy... maybe we should get tested for TB.
by Jape September 27, 2004
A hallucinogen that can be shot or snorted and is similar to cocaine. If used correctly, can also be used as squirrel poison.
"That bimbo acted like she was high offa Abby-Brooke again. What A-whore!"
by Jape March 24, 2004
1. one whose two eyebrows are surged together by nasty hairs
2. one whose single brow that stretches across your face)
Norbert looks like such a keffer; he really needs to pick up some tweezers.
by Jape May 20, 2004

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