the slang expression often assciated with ppl who watch a lot of TV. tv is made of electron tube. "couch potato" is said to refer to the potato b/c it is a tubular vegatable w/ eyes (lil blacks specks on the potato) to symbolize some1's yeys, glued to the tube...
he's a lil couch potato.
by the man June 30, 2003
A person who watches excessive amounts of television, has no job, no ambition, no goals set for his/her life, respects whores instead of engaging in sexual activity, also no reguards for ones possesion ex. vehicles, living conditions etc.
Wesley Allen is such a couch potato.
by Credit Check International October 05, 2002
one is able to substitute any word of choice for potato. such as..."couch prune"....however, it has been combined with more derrogitory terms. for example..."couch fag."
couch fag
by shunshine December 15, 2003

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