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Under pressure
Under the cosh

If someone is under pressure because they have a deadline for a piece of coursework, or your team is under pressure to hold on to a one nil lead, this is known to be 'under the cosh' hence you are under pressure
"I have got so much work to do, so I'll give u a ring when I'm not under the cosh"

"We're just managing to hold onto a one nil lead and their really putting us under the cosh"
by ddaazz June 02, 2006
A baton, often used by Police, that extends out when flicked.
"Fuck, that feds got a cosh, don't mess man."
by Jason May 23, 2003
n. lump of wood, used to hit people. v. to hit with a lump of wood. Standard European Romany word 'kaasht' meaning a piece of wood.
she's got him under the cosh, poor sod
by klidenengro January 30, 2004
To hit someone over the head.
I'm going to cosh you on the head.
by Sandy May 02, 2004
of the mathematical property of awesomeness
That equation is so cosh.
by OscarTheGrouch42 June 14, 2011
Guitar orientated indie-rock band from the south west of England.
"did you see Cosh last night"
by Gz7 May 05, 2008
To lick a pregnant person's vagina. Usually, you end up with a mouth full of mucas.
"DUDE! I coshed my girlfriend last night,"
"EW! How nasty was it?"
"Pretty bad man, pretty bad."
by sillybillyfillykillymilly December 22, 2008
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