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A gay sitcom on disney channel, starring a boy named Cory who lives with his dad in the white house. His sister is in college and his mom is probably dead though they say she's in england studying law. It's been 6 years, she should have finished by now! Though anyways, just like That's So Raven, they make every white person-stupid, weird, mean/cruel, or down right retarded. It also stars Meena from Bahavia, and Newt, a dumb white kid, who likes to say dude a lot. Also there's Sophie a evil kid who's the presidents daughter and the president is more of a president that Bush is.

So in conclusion cory in the house is an unrealistic, hidden racist to white people, sitcom.
Ann: cory in the house is awesome!
Bob: No, it isn't.
by Kenge August 11, 2007

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