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Well overweight.
The corpulent, indolent bastards lives are meaningless.
by larstait October 13, 2003
to put it in the vernacular: FAT AS FUCK!
He's so corpulent, when he sits around the well-appointed Tuscan villa, he sits AROUND the well-appointed Tuscan villa.
by RFIII December 20, 2007
Extremely fat. See...Fatass
Kurt's corpulent! What a fatass!
by Metallica333 February 01, 2009
Corpulent (Cor-pu-lent) simply means fat however it just makes you sound as if you have a bigger vocabulary and it will confuse and disorientate the person whilst you think up another insult.
Person 1: Wa gwan famalam?
Person 2: Suck out you corpulent wasteman.

Girlfriend: Do I look fat in this?
Manly man: Nah, just corpulent.
by NeovenomNick December 05, 2011
when you're ReaLLY FAT
you're 200 pounds overweight, you corpulent SOB!
by GermanG November 27, 2005