see: American Gladiators
"Hey man, American Gladiators is on!"

"What's American Gladiators, Brah?"

"Turn it to NBC and see for yourself!"

Moments later...

"Ahhh... This shit is corny as hell."
by PJllama January 14, 2008
Someone who has the emotional quality of a chick but hides it well. Only opens up to close girl friends who he considers his 'Bros'. Knows everything without needing to be told. Eats everything.
Girl: What are you eating?
Boy: Ice-cream.
Girl: You are such a Corny!
by Magicsnowbird July 11, 2010
Using lame old jokes trying to impress people and not suceeding.

Being horny, eager to have sex
Damn Bob's Joke was the most corniest shit anybody ever heard.

Oh I feel so corny, let's do the hula.
by Roy Schneider September 29, 2006
When some one act or displays unwilling action toward a person place or thing
You are so corny for waiting for her to call you so corny.
by Allahdjinn - Ace September 29, 2007
The co-founder of The Lycian League Forums. He often uses corny jokes and is very corny indeed. He is considered a driving force of the community, always being there. He fights spam as well.
Corny is like that sound that is always there in the clubs.
by The Lycian League Forums August 31, 2006
1/something constructed entirely or at, at least partly, out of corn.

2/feet with excess dead skin.
1/a corn field - the most corny object imaginable

2/"omg zameer your feet are so corny!"
by guy-is-leet June 11, 2005
Your butthole.

Shortened version of "Corn Hole".
I like to take it up the corny.
by hapakun February 22, 2008

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