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A brand of ice cream...never heard about the 'other' meaning, lewis.

They're ad campaign is pretty damn good.
"Mmm, what I wouldn't give for a cornetto!"
by kitee October 25, 2004
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A Conical-shaped dildo, that is kept in the freezer
Just one Cornetto, put it in theee! Deliscious Ice cream, in your pusssseee!
by Finesilver January 11, 2005
Creepy stalker who sits outside your window.
Jaime had a Cornetto.
by Tacotuesday November 06, 2011
meaning "Convenience Store", generally the type run by a person of Indian origin.

The reason for this usage is due to the film "Shaun of the Dead", where Shaun asks Ed if he wants anything from the shop, to which he replies "cornetto". The shop that Shaun then visits is a stereotypical representation of a cornetto.
Anything from the cornetto?
Yeah, a cornetto!
by Ryan Drake May 26, 2008
A brand of ice-cream vended in the UK and surrounding areas that is also a term for a long and agile penis.
Sit on my cornetto
I cornetto'd that bitch
by Lewis April 22, 2003

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