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The most amazing action movie ever! Not schwag!!!!!!
Dude man was hot fuzz the shit?
Dude, yeah!
by Tyler Plumb April 27, 2007
Slang for a bad ass cop in the UK. Title of the 2007 movie "Hot Fuzz".
Keanu Reeves is hot fuzz in the Point Break flick.
by emanolio April 23, 2007
Cheezy fuzz; a quick turn-on;a girlz favorite toy :-}
Hot fuzz is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!
by Big Pimp RJ November 17, 2009
The act of a female defecating on a male's beard upon which time the male proceeds to paint her.
Michelle said she didn't enjoy the hot fuzz nearly as much as she'd have hoped.
by Da J Monstah! April 03, 2007
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