(Also known as 'the duke')Freaky, middle aged/elderly, red-headed man, who likes to use elephant hide breif cases and nanna trolleys to cart around his preying mantis specimens and Madonna cd's. He may be heard saying things like; MYELLOOOOOW! (hello!). May be also be seen trying to park his car and in the process knocking over poles and getting his legs stuck under the breaks.
Kid1:"I feel bad for that cornelious dude!".

Kid2: "Yeh me too!, this morning i saw him try to park his car, i think he knocked over some poles".
by smythe October 22, 2004
Top Definition
a fuckin douchebag freckle faced albino nippled son of a bitch who likes to give q-tips to little hairy fetuses.
As soon as the baby was born, Cornelius arrived with his douchebag in hand and two halfs of shit to shove into the poor little guy's ears.
by Hugh G. Rection April 30, 2004
A very special organ, believed to belong to the greatest of men. Cornelious is wise, strong and above all Beautiful
"look, there he is! he owns the great Cornelious"
by Sir Cornelious February 16, 2010
This word is orignated from the definition of douchbag. This can be alot of things but mainly describes a fuckin gay asshole who thinks his cool but in reality is a douch. This kracka got a big nose... which sometimes blocks the views of others in need of site. Simply cornelious is anything that hot girls would not like
Damn yo, this kid is fuckin Cornelious... lets run before girls think we are with him
by Dick Payne May 03, 2004
the biggest douche in the universe. He looks like someone who just got sat on by a fat sweaty grundle. He smells like smegma and he is gay as shit.
Also referred to as Axle
Dude, cornelious is a douche bag!
Axle can bite my hairy nut sack.
by Matt isadouche April 28, 2004
a big nosed dingle berry with ears that could pick him off the fucking ground if he got caught by a breeze.
Also see Rectum
I heard the Hungry Cornelious is when you eat someones old clagnuts.
by matt lovestogetjizzed on May 03, 2004
This word is straight out the hood yo... one of the most harsh words in da projects. This shit mean a person who fuckin grimey. Girls might call a guy a cornelious if she hate him and he gon' hear it alot after that.
Damn dawwwggg... this cornelious is an asswhole and a dick, he needs to put his dick in his ass, cuz his an asswhole. He need to go to the DOGGG HOUSSEEE.
by Matt Likeslilboys May 06, 2004
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