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Corn cobbing the act of two men peforming 69 in a HOT TUB
Dave and Paul got all wet and steamy while CORN COBBING in the hot tub
by robdog81 February 16, 2011
The act of fellating a penis from the side. This act is performed similarly to the act of eating corn on the cob. Commonly performed during the act of two people sucking one penis. This act is usually performed by a man or woman gently rubbing his/her tongue and/or teeth along the side of a man’s penis. Also known as roushing.
Jim was corn cobbing the fuck out of my dick...while Frank worked my head.
by A. Mills April 28, 2008
The act of finding substitute material to be used in lieu of toilet paper, when the latter is unavailable. Refers to the historic usage of corncobs to maintain hygiene after defecation in rural areas in the United States, prior to the widespread availability of commercially manufactured toilet paper in the late 19th century.
The camping trip was pretty rough. We didn't bring enough TP, so after the first couple of days we were corncobbing it.
by thisnameisnotalreadybeingused March 01, 2012
the act of a man going down on a woman using his teeth to naw or nibble the clitoris for stimulation
Dave went down on me and was totally corn cobbing me!
by Scoobydooby August 08, 2015
1. When performing fellatio, licking or kissing up and down the shaft of the penis rather than taking the head in one's mouth; implies that the fellatio is unskilled, ignorant, or that the giver is bafflingly trying to perform "original" fellatio.

2. In music, when a musician or composer picks an unusual chord or phrase, in order to seem unique, when something simpler and more satisfying will do.
1. "I lost my hard-on because she was just corncobbing me."

2. "Why didn't he just play an E chord? He's just corncobbing."
by peripatetic June 23, 2006
Corn Cobbing - the act of a man going down on a woman using his teeth to naw or nibble the clitoris for stimulation
David and went down on me , and he totally was corn Cobbing me !
by Scoobydooby August 29, 2015
a slangy outdated way of saying "anal sex"
we were corn cobbing all night, until his ftaher caught us and chased me out with a shotgun.
by minghi April 26, 2003
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