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A beer holder that keeps your beer cold. An insulated wrap that holds a can of beer. Usually made of Neophrene or styrophome
(Must be a Southern term)
Do you havw a coozie for my beer?
by jon December 11, 2003
Soft like gummy bears
you're such a coozie
#coozie #em3 #em3mob #mob #soft #eduardo #manon
by EM3Fan January 31, 2014
One of the most awesome games every played in a swimming pool this side of Marco Polo. All players are equipped with a beer and when any person yells "Coozie", the last person to take a drink must finish their beer while the other players splash in a drowning attempt.
We were supposed to go to Cedar Point at 7 this morning, but after last night's wicked game of Coozie, we didn't get up on time.
#drinking games #koozie #pool #marco polo #drown
by JimmyCDz August 03, 2011
Slang, vulgar, for vagina. I suppose the common use of the word for the thing that hold's ones beer bottle came from the idea of slipping it into a vagina
Her coozie is delightfully tight and lubed.
#vag #cunt #snatch #pussy #vagina
by atto August 01, 2010
cool, sweet, or awesome

It would be pretty coozie if someone gave me a lambo.

That new ipod was coozie.

My friends are coozie most of the time.

That was so not coozie.
#cool #awesome #kablamo #interesting #nice
by japoo3 June 11, 2009
Pubic Hair. Usually in reference to finding it in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Damn, Fred, there's a coozie in my hamburger.
by Kenjolio January 14, 2004
another, way better word for cool
That car is fucking coozie.
by Maggie November 07, 2004
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