1) A small bit of something found in the teeth shortly after eating out someone's anus.
"Ewwwww baby, you can't kiss me with those corn chips in yo teeth!!"
by Donkeyfucker January 28, 2003
Top Definition
pussy or girls with coochie cutter shorts
also stated as pussy corn chips
Created by a local New Orleans bounce artist
Fred: Man Kim came by my house last night with some corn chips,I wanted to smash.

Brandon:Forreal nigga?Them cornchips have a nigga feening for some.

by pussycornchipss October 24, 2008
Main Entry: corn chip
Pronunciation: \ˈcorn chip\
Function: noun, verb, adj.
Etymology: Middle English; akin to Old English -cippian
Date: 14th century

When someone leaves a comment in response to a Facebook post that doesn't even remotely resemble the original subject matter, or the dialogue resulting from it.
"My workday sucked ass."

"I like corn chips."

"There he goes again...corn-chipping my blog."

"Lily left a totally corn-chippy comment on my page today. WTF?"
by ariesfairie February 23, 2010
a freak and/or weirdo
Justin you are such a corn chip!
by Jara Gluk July 29, 2008
The smell that most gamers tend to produce, especially in larger groups.
I tried to go to the hobby store to find the Munchkin CCG, but had to leave due to smell of cornchips.
by Jagerdesubel October 19, 2005
A racial code word for a spanish person.
Ernie: You a corn chip.
Ernesto Garcia: Man im tellin the feds on you, you racist white man.
by FerrariLover101 June 19, 2007
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