When you slather your balls with corn syrup and then stick them to someones face.
"My woman was getting out of line so I covered my balls in corn syrup and cornballed that bitch."

"Man, I totally cornballed this chick last night!"

"It's really hard to get the corn syrup out of my pubes after cornballs. "
#corn #balls #sex #sticky #syrup
by cornballer1229 September 09, 2009
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One who tries to be cool, but doesn't see just how uncool he really is... In fact it would be pretty easy to take what this person is doing / wearing and turn it into something cool with the right person involved.
If you wear an authentic jersey, but also wear the pants to match and tuck the shirt inside - you would be a cornball.
by swerve July 17, 2003
adj. Of a cheesy, corny, and otherwise over-the-top feelgood nature.
Virtually any inspirational quote that makes you shudder.

From the third Kerry and Bush debate:
In the Oval Office there's a painting by a friend of Laura and mine named -- by Tom Lea.  It's a West Texas painting, a painting of a mountain scene.  And he said this about it -- he said," Sarah and I live on the east side of the mountain.  It's the sunrise side, not the sunset side.  It's the side to see the day that is coming, not to see the day that is gone."  I love the optimism in that painting because that's how I feel about America.
-G. W. Bush

"The patriotic music in political ads is so cornball."
by Erin Dann October 17, 2004
a wack person, someone who thinks their cool, freshmen, dork, etc.
That kid thinks hes cool b/c he is late to class, what a cornball
by Lady K. November 06, 2004
some one who is really corny. Or a dude who tries to spit game but his game is weak as hell.
corn ball, ur not even funny.
#lame #corny #not funny at all #weidro #weak
by Tee4125 May 14, 2006
Comes from the word corn(y), a cornball is a corny person.
Person 1: Why is 6 afraid of 7?
Person 2: I don't know?
Person 1: Because 7, 8 (ate), 9
Person 2: Your suck a cornball
#corny #not funny #stupid #moronic #cheese #louise #chinese #japanese #dirty knees #look at these
by ChineseJapaneseKneesThese May 16, 2010
Another term for "hush puppies", a fried corn bread side order that is shaped like a sphere. (more country than urban)
Pass me some more corn balls Paw!
by Ben Quadinaros August 16, 2005
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