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Foot Dragger meaning a street walker, hooker or prostitute anyone who sells sex for money on the streets.
Damn G look at that old ass washed up Foot dragger, she ain't worth a penny.
by Brooklyn February 27, 2005
I really beautiful exotic looking young woman with a personality like angel.
Name comes from Saint Eulalia
"I feel in love with an Eulalia"
by brooklyn March 20, 2004
noun; slang definition for your male/female companion...your boo
"aye ray-ray..is dat girl ya boo?"
"yeah shadisha...dat's my boonopolis"
by brooklyn August 03, 2004
1. too sheek, stylish, always in style

Damn...look at that boy, he's definitly rushikin it...check out those prada shoes and that gucci suit
by Brooklyn August 13, 2003
same as jawn, thing and thingy
yo that sheife is bangin with zesty sauce
by brooklyn January 30, 2005
Bunk meaning stupid, boring,or just plain not fun.
This band is bunk, we shouldn't have even came.
by Brooklyn February 27, 2005
Definitely something that girls wit badunkadunk should never wear
"Degggg...she got badunkadunk...she is so hot in hurr she should take her pants off" (u know, like the nelly song)
by brooklyn March 18, 2004
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