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As stated in the children's movie, "Thumbelina" Miss Field Mouse states that "Mr. Mole LOVES his corn cakes" In this sense "corn cakes" is used in a sexually derogative term for the breasts of a woman.
"Joey loves Ashley's corn cakes in and around his mouth."
#mr. mole #corn #cakes #boobs #breasts
by Mr. Mole February 11, 2008
shit, crap, Deuce, the old Number 2
After eating Mexican food, Magnum had to drop a corn cake
by T-bone October 28, 2004
poo,doop doop, feces, crap, shit,
d00d i gotta make some corncake
#poop #shit #doop doop #feces #crap
by Clayton Graham March 27, 2007
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