coricidin is an over the counter drug that has 30 mg of Dextromethorphan which is a cough supressant and has 4 mg of Chlorpheniramine maleate which is an antihistamine that causes drowsiness, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and loss of appetite,

coricidin is also known as: triple c's, little red devils, robo dots, cc's, ccc, candy coated chaos, skittles

most people say coricidin is addictive when its actually not they have a mental addiction where they think they need it to function or feel good, there is nothing in the drug that can cause a physical dependency
on my first trip i took 8 cause me and my brother had only one box i was feelin really good cause it was my first time and it will last for about 4-6 hours but my second time was the next day and i took 16 which is the whole box i took them around 2:00 the feeling will kick in about an hour later, it was really hot out when we were getting a ride to our friends party i was trippin so hard in the car i seriously thought i was gonna die i didnt think it was supposed to feel like that, i threw up out of the window so we had to go to the gas station and wash it off when i stood up to wash it i didnt think i was able to stand, but the bad feeling went away and the good feeling came it was probably the best trip ive ever had at the time, the guys at the party told me to swim with them i didnt know what they were talking about and i was like i dont have a shirt i cant swim they said do you mean shorts i was like yep yep yep yep yop yop yop yop yope yope yope yope yope yope dope dope dope dope, does any one have any weed i wanna smoke, a couple of people had some so we went and smoked it was like i was a robot its was really cool, but the feeling lasted from 3:00 to about 11:00 at night. because of this trip the guys at the party nicknamed me kid trippin, trippin or trippy

i would not reccomend doing coricidin more than twice but i think its alright to expirement as much as you want

if you ever do coricidin please please please make sure there is at least one sober person with you, and please please please go up and down a flight of stairs it feels so cool its like you have no feet so it feels like you're gliding or flying its really cool.

if you wanna know more about drugs or my expiences add my myspace its:
by kid trippin June 30, 2009
Coricidin is pretty fucked up to take. The first time i did it was recently before going to the movies and i popped the entire box it was like 16. and the whole movie i just felt really weird and when i went to stand up i felt like my whole equilibrium was off. like i couldn't stand up right and felt like a robot. and i was panicking so hard cause i never even robo tripped or took that much of anything at once so it was fuckinnnn scary having to go home after i finally was fuckin retarded. coricidin fucks you up cause of the 30 mg of dextromethorphan... but seriously this shit was fucked up. but then i did it the next weekend and only took 9 and did an oxy. and i didnt feel alot and passed out at like 3 am. and woke up fuckin retarded it was terrible. this shit im never touching again. i dont recommened it at allll haha
Coricidin Cold & Cough w/ DXM
by arat61 April 19, 2009
Coricidin is a cheap way to get high. You think by taking coricidin which is 30 mg of dexamothran you are not using drugs. Let me share a small story. I went to a rehab detox program over this cheap high. Although I will say from first hand experience it is an awesome trip, but when you take tons everyday, all day it becomes a problem. The problem isn't worth the high
Coricidin... I must have nothing to live for.
by Linnie July 29, 2006
god's food. often referred to as skittles, dex, red devils, dxm, and robo dots. often found at both eckerd and rite aid in the cough and cold section.
i ate so much coricidin at the mall. i had a seizure and then puked on my shoe.
by d3adr0ck October 08, 2003
addictive (yes addictive) otc cough medication that will make you trip fucking balls. however for some it isnt as life threatening but i DO NOT suggest taking ccc some of us are just so fucking hard core though
in one weekend i took 52 tabs of coricidin and didnt die but however my heart beat was irregular for 3 days afterwards. (true story)
by fred c hastings October 14, 2005
Over-the-counter cold and cough medicine, a subject of the autobiographical "Sun Slants Across My Face" by Noah Stephens.
The kids had found some Coricidin in a cupboard and upon ingestion were in for an unpleasant psychic voyage.
by Thomas Marco June 11, 2007
take 7-8 to feel good...take more if you dont feel anything in 1 careful with this stuff i have known people who have ended up in hospitals and even died from overdosing on this stuff
taking too much coricidin can lead to death
by ccctripper December 09, 2006
u can buy this stuff at any store... this shits hardcore... take a whole box which has 16 n ull be faded take more n ull be faded for a day or more...its know as triple c's n the stuff that makes u trip is the DXM thats in it..anyone can buy it
the sin state is always thizzin off coricidin, especially in the B.M.
by eNVy775 April 07, 2005
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