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Coricidin is a wholesome pharmaceutical company manufactured and marketed by the good people at Schering Plough. Although the corporate name initially denotes scythes and farm implements that rape the soil, Schering Plough has your best interests at heart. Just take far more Coricidin Cough and Cold than the "reccomended dosage" and you too will understand the healthful benefits of over the counter drug abuse.

After selling all your posessions to a pawn shop to support your ridiculous drug habit, invest in Schering Plough stock. If the good people at the FDA can turn a blind eye for money, so should you. 20 billion dollars in fraudulent sales cant be wrong.

this message was not endorsed by Schering Plough in any way and I cannot be held liable for my appropriately slanderous comments. That being said, I hope the executives burn in hell.
by PenWrightly May 07, 2009
self indulgence and hedonistic behavior exemplified by a handsome young intelligent male living life to its fullest. Side effects may include hereditary substance abuse and associated mental disorders.
"dudes gone helgeson on us... its a sad day for mother England."
by PenWrightly May 07, 2009
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