when a person orgasms so hard he/she passes out or goes into a paralyzed state
Girl: "oh shit guys boy just blew his load and now isnt moving i think somethings wrong with him
Other Boy: "oh dont worry about him he just had another coregasm"
by gfunite April 07, 2008
Top Definition
an orgasm achieved while performing a core exercise during a work-out.
she achieved a coregasm whle performing a hanging leg lift.
by Jengus February 05, 2008
A feeling of euphoria caused by the sudden release of a great amount of stress, usually when you finish a large essay test or other similar test that you have spent weeks cramming for
David: "How was your IUE?"
Gianni: "I'm COREgasming so hard right now."
by Get Some February 24, 2012
A pleasuring feeling after a big test such as the IUE.
Alex: That IUE was tough, I am glad to be done with it.

Sarah: Yes, I just had a coregasm
by venfinch March 15, 2012
The result of biting into an apple, or other cored fruit, and having it projectile squirt/ spray it's juice.
Man, that apple was so juicy when I bit into it, it had a coregasm onto the table.
by burrdude June 28, 2013
The point at a live concert when your energy is peaked, you can feel the drums in your ears, the bass in your chest, the guitar in your fingertips, and the vocals running up your spine.
That show gave me such a hard coregasm...
by Rawcolored June 27, 2009
That ultimate feeling of euphoria when a hardcore tune is playing and its so good you can feel the rush all through your body making you want to move in any way that comes to you.
what a coregasm that tune was!
by Kelly Grist May 10, 2006
The feeling that you are cumming so hard, that you are about to blow your skeleton out of your body.
I came so hard, I thought I had a coregasm, but I looked and didn't see any bones on the floor.
by Manthorn March 04, 2009
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