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Taking a crap under normal circumstances. Contrast kernel panic and jettison stage one.
"Uh, dude, NMI."
"Core dump."
by varn_ix July 17, 2008
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verb (used with object)

1. To dump lots of obfuscating personal opinion upon a discussion about some matter of fact.

2. To display willful ignorance; to ignore any evidence or facts contrary to one's own ignorance.
1. "Wow, Duncan MacIntosh sure took a coredump on decision theory."

2. "Dude, don't coredump, the friggin' rulebook says the unit takes a test."
by Stelek July 23, 2012
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(1) A term used in computer programming to describe when a program fails. The program then dumps a core, which, in the ancient days of programming, poor code monkeys had to go through to see what was wrong.
(2) A term used by anyone familiar with definition (1) to mean a loss of memory.
> a.out
> Segmentation Fault (Core Dumped)

It's the middle of the big exam, and everything rides on the knowledge the test-taker has known for a long time. They're prepared to take the test when suddenly:

"*(*#%#(*&%!!!! MY BRAIN JUST CORE DUMPED!"

And that's a core dump. There goes any chance of a good grade.
by ducky11 December 16, 2005
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To take a massive shit after being constipated a few days
I took a Dulcolax a few hours ago and just now I did a core dump into the toilet. Man did that feel good!
by pentozali October 20, 2014
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A type of defecation heavily involving the use of the abdominals and lower back, "dumping from the core."
"Man, I shouldn't have eaten all of those Hot Pockets. Now I need to take a core dump."
by hokolakinastew May 21, 2009
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