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Heres an easy way to either
A. Give your "scene" credibility or
B. Make fun of kids from different "scenes"
Just take a normal, run of the mill, genre, and add -core to the end of it. Bonus points if you put "X" in the middle of it, as its totally scene.
Now that you're uber indie, you can be as much of a dick as you damn well please. and spew as much shit as you desire, and because you're "alternative", people will automatically assume you are "OMGz, teh hotxXxorz. Bonus points if you look like a blind person who hates you cut your hair.
Fuck -core kids. I dont make differences between indie, emo, scene, hxXxc, folk core, metalcore emocore etc...... They all have equally retarded haircuts. What ever happened to actual metal scenes? Thats right, Mtv raped the credibility they had.
by jhrfdvyuhdregafdhgfdh August 04, 2007
A severely overrated bassist. In fact, the majority of fallout boy are overrated, as are every other band out today. Christ, have any of you ever heard of steve harris? geddy? john paul jones? cliff burton? Alex webster?
Fucking pete wentz fan girls. No, you arent going to have his babies, you're going to have his crabs, gonnorhea, syphilis, and herpes, you stupid, brainwashed, cunts.
by jhrfdvyuhdregafdhgfdh August 05, 2007

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