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When you are skull-fucking someone whose brain is intact and dig out cylindrical holes in their brain.
I gouged out Bryan's eye and then took some core samples. It was quite delightful scraping chunks of his brain off my dick.

I gave Bryan a pretty serious white matter infusion while taking a core sample.
by DVJ February 04, 2014
The act of sticking your finger up your own ass to gather a small amount of feces, then quickly administering it in an unsuspecting persons mouth. Think of a wet willy.
Last night I was fuckin' my bitch, then i gave her the ole' core sample. Bitch got pissed.
by Sampson Antfarm April 24, 2008
When a guy pops his lover in the backdoor while the chili chute is full, then tries to take a piss afterwards forcing a thin rod of fecal matter to be ejected from the penis
Before Roy could go to the bathroom, Siegfried bent him over and took a core sample.
by W.E. Coyote August 20, 2003
When you go so deep during anal you pull out turdlett
Jersey girl and I went back door last night. Totally took a core sample.
by Arbarth June 15, 2015
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