A claim made by a concept's creator or owner that said concept is theirs and theirs alone. Use of copyright is protected legally, but many people feel that the concept is ethically invalid - leading to the rise of Internet file-sharing. Often cited using a © symbol, followed by a year.
"This essay is copyright 2003, Blaine Capatch."
by MarkusRTK January 22, 2004
Top Definition
Something that doesnt exist in China.
Will: Hey these new uptowns I ordered online are fake.

George: Where did u order them from??

Will: Beijing

George: Figures...
by Reggaetonist October 22, 2004
a lame excuse to rake in as much cash as one can, while keeping the others at bay
yo dude, if you break the copyright law and burn that cd, Metalica will not be able to afford that other beachhouse they've always wanted!
by earlgrey January 23, 2004
Something that's used extensively by corporations to "own" everything.
Fact: Time Warner owns a copyright on the song "Happy Birthday" that doesn't expire until 2030.
by DrIdiot March 01, 2005
An abuse of power regarding who gets the highest share of a royalty; pseudonym for laws designed to consolidate information access, usually in an attempt to disenfranchise those who would need the access the most.
The music industry self-servingly calls for strong copyright enforcement.
by J. G. January 23, 2004
The right to copy. Mistaken by corporate fatasses as a way of preventing the sharing of material, especially material bought by someone else.
There goes the RIAA with its bullshit copyright laws. It's trying to say that I don't own all the music CDs I bought because it burned the songs onto them.
by AYB May 14, 2003
1. Something that is usually placed on Video Games, Movies, Books, Software, etc. to keep others from stealing their work so that the dickhead creators can make shitloads of money.

2. Slang for cock sucker
1: (Sean enters a store)
Sean: How much does this Game Boy Advance SP cost?
Retarded Store Guy: $6000
Sean: Ah f--- it. *leaves*
Sean: Free Game Boy Advance SPs! Hurry before they're gone!
Idiot: What the f-ck!? YOU BROKE THE COPYRIGHT LAW!
Sean: Who gives a shit?

2: That dude is such a copyright.
by StraightFMan August 12, 2004
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