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another word for a female's crotch
There should be a law against cootchie cuters
by Dawn June 15, 2002
68 51
female genitalia
most men lie for the cootchie
by franklin November 11, 2002
253 70
1.When you want to mention a vagina, but don't want it to sound nasty. The Cute Version.

2.A term for someone who is cute. But in the back of your mind, you are call them a pussy. Oh well, it sounds cute, eh?

(little is often placed in front, becuase it just rolls of your tongue. Go ahead, try it.)
1. Oh, did you hurt your little cootchie?
2. Why hello little cootchie.
by Menou. April 28, 2006
53 45
Unknown verb, perhaps works.
I got a girl across town, she cootchie's all the time. Blind Lemon Jefferson
by George J. Myers, Jr. September 16, 2003
8 111