when someone gets insanely drunk from a red cup full of vodka
" I am about to get cooped tonight"
by yuknia February 10, 2010
Top Definition
To be prepared for the days job at hand and receive a call redirecting you to a completely different job, and or task in which you are not prepared for. Odds are this will start a chain of events which can not be avoided. Ending with a unproductive day
I just set up for the day and now i just been Cooped.
by Mr Magoe September 12, 2014
the act of coughing so hard you poop yourself
The moment I coughed I knew I pooped and cooped my underwear.
by tinyblanket November 19, 2014
When a fat sweaty guy that thinks he has game gets all up in your personal space, typically brushing up against you with his big gut in a very uncomfortable way.
Dude I just got cooped! What the fuck!
by Maple wood July 14, 2010
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