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an individual who is a friend,homie,nigga,cutty.
"Wassup mah coomp,how you been dogg?"
by ACE_nikkuh! June 19, 2007
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Obscures any sentence in the english language, commonly used to replace words.
I was wayyyyyy too coomped last night man.

Coomp you bitch!

Coomp these

Aye you got coomp?
by 2kumpt May 14, 2015
A supercilious truculent (stupid) person usally a female. Originated in sandersville ga and is known widely by many people. Considered slang in other States
The coomp slapped my milk out my hand.
by CJ88813 December 16, 2009
To cup ones hand and then slap another person in the eye with the cupped hand.

This can be followed up by many things, a pangus, or just a slap to the side of the head.
Bitch, shut the fuck up before I coomp your stupid ass.
by Joe Buron April 24, 2004

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