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1) The unpleasant feeling of a truck approaching. Might entail premonitions of one's death/ sudden awareness of one's own mortality.

2) Easily annoyed and always ready to argue or fight. Frequent usage in intellectual/ pretentiously articulate contexts.
1) John truculently crossed the street the day his beloved pet hamster had died.

2) 'Cindy is the most truculent person I know!', John said, still grieving for his hamster.
#truck #mortality #cantankerous #quarrelsome #combative
by Marthayourdear December 21, 2011
1. (adj) Of or related to gay orgies.
"The truculent group of males ran train on Brad"
"I'm so truculent!" said Jon. "Yah because your a fag" said Peter.
#gay #fags #group of fags #orgy #stretchy pants #butt pillaging
by JSOs June 24, 2006
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