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something you can't have pie without.
Stewie: You can't have pie without Cool Whip. Brian: Cool Whip? Stewie: Yes, Cool Whip.
by pbm19 January 20, 2008
Someone who always has to top any story that someone tells
Man, everytime I tell Jim a story he acts like Cool Whip
by scat digg December 29, 2010
Term used to describe someone that is a hotshot or is arrogant
Guy #1: I can run faster than you!
Guy #2:No you can't coolwhip!
by BlueX273 March 24, 2009
Urban definition: A reference used to describe a nice looking car. This term is best used as a double meaning when describing a exceptional looking car that is white.
"I'm in my cool whip, insides jello, hop up out that pretty mothaf*cka like, HELLO!" - Young Jeezy (Shawty Lo -Dey Know Remix)
by MisterSentry April 01, 2008
Something you do not put on your crabs.
*gets pumpkin pie*

"dude my crabs itch"

"I have some cool whip" *referring to pumpkin pie*

"I don't put cool whip on my crabs"
by itchmacrabs November 12, 2007
The foamy cream colored froth that forms around the edges of a meaty vagina when you cum inside of one and proceed to keep on fucking it. If you are a fast fucker this may also be mistaken as shaving cream and/or pancake batter.
"When dave finished licking her hatchet wound he had a cool whip mustache".
by S-D-M June 08, 2006
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