to act outside of the conforms of society. To be an outlaw, bad ass, (John Wayne).
In refrence to Paul Newmans Character Luke in the movie Cool Hand Luke who refused to follow the rules of society or prison.
Why can't you just be normal mike, your always acting all cool hand luke and shit.

I'm the only cool hand luke left in this town.
by sleadhead33 December 17, 2007
Top Definition
A famous 1967 film starring Paul Newman, based on the novel by Donn Pearce. In it Newman's character Luke was sent to a jail in the south for taking the heads off of parking meters. He seems enigmatic and standoffish to his fellow inmates but eventually gains their respect and even their adoration. He gains the nickname "Cool Hand Luke" because he'll fight when he has nothing to fight with (you'll understand if you've seen the film. The movie was a powerful metaphor for how being different from others can be very painful, not because you're a freak, but because they don't understand you. Newman stated that 'Cool Hand Luke' had one of the best movie scripts he'd ever read. Recieved an Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay adaptation.
'Cool Hand Luke' was also the originator of the phrase "What we have here is a failure to communicate."
by India_Williams October 04, 2004
A movie in the 60's starring paul newman. Theres this scene with this hot chick washing a car. mmmm.....soap
I saw cool hand luke, now I want to go to prison!
An anurism caused by the incomprehensible actions or words of another.
My IQ dropped 10 points after I coolhandluked.
by ircawp December 02, 2002
Is when one freezes a souvenir cigar tube 3/4 full of water and surprises his mate while in doggie-style by inconspicuously inserting into said mates anus. The Cool Hand Luke also lends itself to the possibility of further anal exploration/pleasure as the anus has been numbed. The reverse Cool Hand Luke is occurs when said cigar tube is removed from the anus and slid into the the vagina or vice versa.
My luvah man slipped me a Cool Hand Luke last night and made it hotter to take it in the ass.
by Pratipax & Battman January 29, 2009
A sex act involving a bucket of ice
and elbow length rubber gloves and
lots of Astroglide...
"Man, Ross sure gave her the ole cool hand luke"
by Ross December 28, 2004
to masturbate excessively whilst listening to electronic music
that goateed mutha fucker sure likes to cool hand luke - i saw him at tower records the other day with his arm in a sling
by luke williams July 28, 2003
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