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to masturbate excessively whilst listening to electronic music
that goateed mutha fucker sure likes to cool hand luke - i saw him at tower records the other day with his arm in a sling
by luke williams July 28, 2003
5 28
The best way of having that 'w*nked off by someone else' feeling.

Go to a mortuary and place your erect member into the hand of a recently deceased person. Wait for rigor-mortis to set in. Once your member is firmly in place, remove the arm of the deceased and proceed to masturbate with this furiously.
Thanks for the cool hand luke Grandma!
by Fatboy33 May 05, 2006
4 31
The acting of having sex doggy-style while inserting fifty (50) hard-boiled eggs into the ass of your partner. Much like Paul Newman eating 50 eggs in the movie Cool Hand Luke upon George Kennedy making a bet that his "boy Lukey" could eat 50 hard-boiled eggs. Another variation is actually eating the eggs while macking the partner from behind but who wants to do that when you can just jam them in her ass ... plus it's hard on the cholesterol count.
I banged that dirty jis-trap Nessy the other night and instead of sticking my thumb in her ass I gather her a Cool Hand Luke and stuck 50 hard-boiled eggs in her ace.
by Redhope June 30, 2006
22 62