Cookie - A person who believes that he/she is very different to others. Someone who thinks they are individual - saying things out of the blue in a random way. There is an ever increasing amount of these people, usually developing from the equally sad and lifeless 'emo sub culture'.
"Oooooooeer, my was stolen by those hobo pirates, damn those groovy atronaughts. Pirates from alaska are here oooooer, im being attacked by a super giant daddy-longlegs" < something a 'cookie' would say
by Cook the cookies December 04, 2005
A person in a position of power, who is extremely lazy and yet berates other people for the same laziness. This person typically enjoys running down other people to make his life seem somewhat relevant. He/she also lives at home with mom and has never been laid. Car is usually filled with McDonald's wrappers and self pity.
Mikes mom told him to make sure he gets home from work before the street lights come on. He said he might be late because he had to brother fuck someone first. Damn he's turned into a real cookie!
by The one fitter January 08, 2012
my girlfriends vagina
hey babe...the cookie monster is hungry...yumyumyum...
by white boy November 06, 2003
Food of the gods
And so to appease the gods, we offered them a cookie. It seemed to work.
by super official source August 12, 2014
A cookie (adjective) is a title given to a person who so random, insane and awesomely cute he has to be named a cookie.
Or: hi tilly whats up, holyshit <3
Tilly: Omg! you're so cookie!
by Meawmeaw March 27, 2010
a qp or quarter pound(4 ounces) of crack cocaine.
Mr. Biggs:
"You out here sellin them dimes bitch, I'm out here sellin them cookies"
by deeze December 15, 2007
Cookie is a very sweet and pretty person. She's fun to talk to, and she can always cheer you up and make you laugh. She's never mean and always there for you.
She's such a Cookie.
by aeraki December 26, 2012

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