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5 definitions by Lig

an affectionate name used for friends or a partner, similar to cutie
Hey cookie, hows it goin?
by Lig March 19, 2006
293 242
-lead singer of what can be classified as "nerdy pop-rock" band Weezer

-hot Geek with strangely attractive sunglasses
Why do I like Rivers? He's hot. And he looks like my boyfriend. And I like nerdy looking guys. And did I say he's hot?
by Lig October 10, 2003
72 24
Use as a substitution for serious.

Nigel is tightass.
This is a tightass situation.
by lig March 02, 2006
45 30
Baby talk for the word baby. Bubz is a shortened version
Girl: i've had a awful day at work
Boy: Aww bubba, what happened?
by Lig July 25, 2006
24 34
Someone who is too serious. Substitute tightarse for serious.
Nigel is tightarse.
Screw you, tightarsely!
I love tightarse people.

by lig March 09, 2006
19 36