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Choose a piece of food, e.g. a Chips Deluxe, that you and your male friends like to eat. Then you and your buddies form a tight circle around the food item and proceed to fervently jerk off all over it. Last one to get their jizz on the cookie has to eat it.
I'll bet they play the cookie game in the Oval Office and that Rumsfield is on a losing streak.
by p0wntn00b June 10, 2003
A common fraternity initiation game - a bunch of pledges sit in a circle around a fairly big cookie. The pledges their whip out their members and starting tossing off. The last one to blow his load on the cookie has to eat it. Often played while watching Screech on "Saved By The Bell."
The pledges had to play the "Cookie Game" last night prior to their initiation.
by Bolton July 14, 2003