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Grandmother I'd Like to Fuck
Derek, did you see the saggy funbags that 60-year-old hag??? That's a textbook example of a GILF! Aw yeah!!!
by Bolton April 27, 2004
A sexual move the occurs when a guy sits on someone's face with his balls on the other person's eyes and then farts in the other person's mouth.
I just ate some tacos and am going to give my gay lover a nasty "Arabian sandstorm" tonight!!!
by Bolton May 06, 2004
to drop one's nutsack into the open mouth of another person for sexual pleasure
Mr. Belding suddenly dropped trow and teabagged Screech in front of Mr. Tuttle's class at Bayside.
by Bolton March 03, 2005
A common fraternity initiation game - a bunch of pledges sit in a circle around a fairly big cookie. The pledges their whip out their members and starting tossing off. The last one to blow his load on the cookie has to eat it. Often played while watching Screech on "Saved By The Bell."
The pledges had to play the "Cookie Game" last night prior to their initiation.
by Bolton July 14, 2003
A "white man's afro" worn by jewish people.
Mr. Belding massaged his cock with Screech's sexy jewfro in front of Mr. Dewey's class at Bayside.
by Bolton August 31, 2005
meat and potato pie in a barm cake
i'm starvin get us a couple of pies and pasty, no actually getus some wigan kebabs
by bolton February 09, 2005
Someone who urinates all over a bathroom floor.
"Bryan, I just used the bathroom and I want to warn you that the floor underneath the urinal was soaking wet! The floor pisser has struck again!"
by Bolton October 01, 2003
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