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anyone with pail skin frekels and bright red hair
hey look at that ranga what a coogle
by Bondie August 25, 2008
"Coogle", "coogled" or "coogling" is an automotive service adviser term. The simplest definition is convincing the customer that they want to spend all available finds on the repair or maintenance to their vehicle.

The deeper your voice the more seductive it becomes. Little old ladies tend to find the deep voice of a male service advisers irresistible, and will frequently hold their pocket books open and close their eyes waiting to be serviced.
"I went in for an oil change and ended up getting new ball joints, an new air filter, and fuel injector service... I think I was Coogled..."

"The customer came in for two new tires; and I offered to take care of some needed maintenance. At first she was a bit hesitant at first, so I spoke deeply and softly to her... made the sale."
by Mongst June 13, 2012
The term used to describe a cool application created by Google.
Friend 1: Did you know that you can text Google with questions and they can answer anything?

Friend 2: Yea, its fucking coogle !
by Effen Hix December 19, 2007
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