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The process by which people find out what is the truth. The opposite of faith.
Einstein discovered how relativity worked by using reason and thinking about it.
by 3standarddevs January 11, 2011
The period of time that hasn't happened yet, that will be as different from today as today is from the past.
Person 1: It would be horrible to live 300 years ago. They didn't have cars or computers or medicine or anything, and the life expectancy was 40.

Person 2: 300 years ago, people said it would be horrible to live 600 years ago. 300 years in the future, they'll say it would be horrible to live now.
by 3standarddevs January 11, 2011
A breakdown in the laws of physics. If one happened, it would cause a lot of freaky weirdness and probably kill you, because we need physics to work to survive.
If gravity stopped working, you'd float into space and die because there's no air. Miracles are scary things.
by 3standarddevs January 11, 2011
Cougar+Googling: When an older woman who is a Cougar looks for pictures of/ dates with younger men on the internet.
All the dating sites advertise Young Hot Singles, but they're full of old ladies Coogling.
by 3standarddevs May 25, 2011

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