The brand of hipsters and free thinkers for years hit financial problems in the 90's and was bought out by Nike. Production was moved overseas and the price jumped from $20 to $35 a pair.
"I have a pair of Converse to match every one of my turtle necks!"
by XDiscordX September 21, 2005
Some really sweet kicks. Your dad probably owned some when he was on the school basketball team, and probably talks about how he was real hip because he owned a red pair.

Unfortunatly they now cost around 50 bucks a pop as compared to when they started they were around $10. Just about everyone owns atleast one pair of converse, originally worn by basketball players they soon became popular on the punk rock scene being worn by bands such as the ramones.

Theese are shoes that get better with age, because they still look cool worn out.

People like to say that only "emos" or "punks" can wear them, this is not true. Anyone who wants to wear them can because they are totally boss. Your not cool if you wear them and your not uncool if you dont. You wear them cause you like them.

ultimately they're just a pair or really sweet shoes that look cool.
Some kid: Hey, i like your shoes!
Hipster: Thanks man. They're converse, i like them too.
by Colleen K February 17, 2008
A kind of shoe. And a verb, meaning to have conversation.
Person 1: Look at my new converse shoes expressing my individuality and rebelliousness! All my cool nonconformist friends have them becasue we're UNIQUE, unlike you sheep...

Person 2: Nice looking shoes. I might grab a pair myself.

by Mainshank January 03, 2006
Switching the subject and the predicate term in a statement. It is valid for the E and I forms only.
The converse of "some cats are furry animals" is "some furry animals are cats".
by Logicman July 20, 2005
Popular shoes that were made mainly for basketball your dad probably owned some. Now in the 2000s “different” people wear them emos, rebels, rockers, drug addicts. People mostly buy them because they want to fit in…truth is ANYONE CAN WEAR THEM! Preps, jocks, emos, rebles, rockers, drug addicts, nerds, geeks, skaters, even...gangsters.
Person 1: Look I got new converse! Now I can be emo!
Person 2: Idiot, anyone can wear them. Get a life if you wear them just to fit in!
by Blake Doe May 01, 2006
Converse is a brand of basketball shoes. They are canvas shoes with rubber soles. They were made famous by Charles H. Taylor, a basketball player, in 1918. Since then they have become popular with just about everybody at different times. In the '70s and '80s, they were deemed to be the offcial shoe of the National Basketball Association.

Since the '80s, the Converse company went out of business and was purchased by Nike. Nike proceeded to move production of Converse shoes to China in order to reduce production costs.

Today Converses are popular with an entirely new crowd - the 'alternative' or 'artsy' kids who will probably never touch a basketball in their life - in addition to still being popular with the 'jocks' and 'preps.' The artsy kids somehow reason that they deserve Converses more than the preps because Converse shoes have become a symbol of 'individuality' (which is a word that's meaning has become extremely jumbled), when in reality the jocks or preps were the ones who would actually be entitled to the shoes if the system worked that way. This is because of the fact that in 1918, a basketball player popularized these shoes.

In any case, Converse shoes have been around for almost 90 years and are still selling, even though they have hardly changed an inch. Some people claim to have territory over these shoes when, in actuality, they are just canvas and rubber that you stick your smelly feet into.
Jock (to jock friend): Check out my new Converses! Sick, right?
Artsy kid (to artsy friend): Ew. He is wearing Converses. How can he do that? Those are my shoes!
Jock (to jock friend): Dude! Check out this band fag who says these shoes are his!
(jock beats the crap out of said band fag)
Stoner: Whoa, man... they're just shoes...
by jjjoe March 22, 2006
They're comfortable and I like the way they look. They are just a brand of shoe, if you don't like me wearing them and say I'm just following a trend than good for you, stfu, I probablly don't like everything your wearing.
Converse are comfortable and look cool. They are just a brand of shoe, if you don't like them ok stfu idrc.
by Jersey Kid January 25, 2008
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