An argument that can be turned either way; one where you have no more or less higher ground than your opposition.

Note: people with a podium or any method of voicing an opinion believe they have the higher ground.

Gays boycott companies that don't accept gays. This is the companies choice, people. They don't have to agree with you.


Gays boycott companies that don't accept gays. This is the persons choice. They don't have to agree with every company.
That sentence was a contradiction, it really did nothing to further your point.
by might as well be racist March 15, 2009
usually what confused people do.
a giraffe says "moo, im a goat". now thats a contradiction.
by tough brained cookies January 17, 2012
The opposite of argument. From a legendary Monty Python sketch.
That's not an argument, it's contradiction!
No it isn't!
by octopod November 09, 2003
noun; everything Pierson Bell says or does
Says: "I'm cutting back on homework."

The contradiction: Gives hours of homework and bitches when you still try to do it, in class, but nonetheless you are still trying to do it.
by AP Class April 14, 2011
totaly unable to figure out what ur saying or doing.

Quoting someone in art world who in loss of ability think act and function as a person and stil want to acutaly open your mouth to feel yu can say something before you know what your saying
Contradiction as in:

We are not here to save your life,( "we are to cool for that, but if i got sick you my friends would save mine")
Meaning yes im a totaly duech bag scum bag self centered jerk but if it came down to it i want u to suck me ass, and get off with being fuckt up. PS i will also cut your throat if u tell anyone that im this fuct up cause i wont sell art..
by artoficial nigga and a victim January 21, 2009

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