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Contarded: adjective.
It's the replacement word for retarded, because retarded is an insult to people who have mental retardation. People who are actually retarded feel sad when people use this word to tell others that they are stupid or dumb. So, by using contarded, you wil not insult other people.
"Hey Joe Ike, i thought that hannah montana and miley cyrus were two different people!."

"Ugh, Ricardo! you are so contarded!"
by kathyv May 05, 2010
-to be drunk and blazed all at the same time.

-to be able to see spaceships on bankhead.
-to be contarded you must be in between drunk and high, but without all the stumbling. so dont worry about hooking up with a nasty bitch (ex.katerina).
by vincentttttt April 16, 2008
constepated and retarded put together
She so contarded, I hate her.
by jaki January 18, 2004
A word used to insult someone. It means a constipated retard mostly used when someone is acting stupid... or their constipated.
OMG becky your so contarded today!

by Olive_loves_someone November 14, 2006
a combination of being conceited and retarded.
Britney Spears is so conceieted. thinks she's so hot when she's just a has been whore. she's retarded too, who lets a baby sit in their lap while they're driving. man, she's so contarded.
by Lola_lola23_2 September 21, 2006
of being contorted and/or retarded
diving off that bridge was really "contarded"!!!
by a. nonimouse July 06, 2003
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