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spanish word meaning " dirty dancing", used in most reggaeton songs.
wisin y yandel: eso ehh, eso ehh, que esta noche me la paso perreando.
by Lola_lola23_2 September 02, 2006
Phrase used before two girls fight. usually said while one of the girls is taking off her jewelry or other items of value and handing them to a friend.
tanya: "What's up, bitch, you got a problem or something? you wanna go? let's go! "here Shania, hold my shit, hold my shit!!"
by Lola_lola23_2 September 21, 2006
a large sea creature, rumored to have like seven heads
album by mastodon, a metal band. the album is a concept album, based on the book "moby dick" a tale about a large whale and the whaler that endlessly tries to kill him. one of the greatest literary works of our time.
1 may the great leviathan rise from the deeps and have his 3rd head rip off your mincey little faggot balls, ya cunt ya!

2 did you pick up Leviathan? it's based on the book about that famous leviathan. i like that line, "white whale, holy grail"
by lola_lola23_2 March 10, 2006
a combination of being conceited and retarded.
Britney Spears is so conceieted. thinks she's so hot when she's just a has been whore. she's retarded too, who lets a baby sit in their lap while they're driving. man, she's so contarded.
by Lola_lola23_2 September 21, 2006
Any Hispanic girl that wears way too much makeup, has penciled in eyebrows, too much gel, a handful of at-home piercings, and is generally nasty. The hoodrat society is a hierarchy, with the main hoodrat, or the one who is considered the “prettiest”(sluttiest) and has friends who are usually second in command, at the bottom are the messenger hoodrats, who send messages like “quit talkin’ shit about my homegirl” or “my homegirl says you better quit talkin’ shit” to other girls. Hoodrats are generally very cowardly and hide behind their boyfriends or their gang connections. Usually have friends who will fight FOR them.
Age range: 14-19
habitat: working class neighborhoods, ghettos.
Clothing: anything tight.
Hair: black or dark brown, usu. W/ blonde highlights. Usually in very high ponytail,(known as the “hoodrat facelift”)
jewelry: gold, and lots of it. At-home Marylin Monroe piercing, 10 piercings on each ear.
Social traits: Beware, for they hunt in packs.
Pastimes: talking shit, having sex, getting “fucked up”, making enemies, shaving their eyebrows, getting pregnant, making out in public places(preferably school hallways), fighting, dispatching messengers.
That girls eyebrows are fake, you can tell she pencils ‘em in, what a freakin’ hoodrat.

Hoodrat: my homegirl says to quit talkin’ shit
Girl: tell her to say that shit to my face, and to get her stupid fellow hood rats off my back.
by Lola_lola23_2 March 16, 2006

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